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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and roberta bright and early. how are you? >> good morning, a big time change and let me show you why. take a look at this right now. it's our live kpix 5 weather camera and you can barely see the top of the bay bridge right? that's a good indication we have a lower ceiling due to the return of yes that marine layer. temperatures are coming down and we'll talk more about that still straight ahead. >> thanks roberta. the golden gate buzz yeah it's socked in fog here as well. visibility an issue if you're coming from marin county into san francisco. also the macarthur maze road work still out there traffic coming up. thank you. developing news now, three young siblings from san pablo the focus of an amber alert have been found safe this morning in richmond. the kids' mother was also found and now she's a suspect in the murder of their father. more now from kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: just before 8:00 a.m., the children's father was found dead in the backyard of this home on 16th street in san
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pablo with a gunshot wound and neighbors heard something but can't put an accurate pin on when. >> we did hear there was some gunfire that was heard. but we can't attribute it at this point to say that it was actually for this incident. >> reporter: outside the home where oscar was found dead his black audi is covered in fingerprint dust and a formal amber alert was phished for the children and their mother on monday evening. andria borba, kpix 5. >> kpix 5's mark kelly is following this story this morning and he'll have a live report in our next half hour. and new this morning, children are among the injured in two separate shootings in east oakland. shortly before 10:00 last night someone opened fire on 83rd avenue hitting a child and a young woman there. the child suffered a wound to the shoulder. both victims are in stable conditions now. and about five hours earlier a child riding on an ac transit bus was grazed by a stray bullet. the man who was struck is now in stable condition. a 2-year-old boy is dead after a freak accident at san
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francisco's fisherman's wharf. kpix 5's joe vasquez reports the boy was climbing on a 150- pound statue when it fell on him. >> kayson is just a 2-year-old. a typical 2-year-old. >> i but now the toddler is dead after a freak accident and his family is absolutely heart broken. >> it's a sweet tender spirit. >> reporter: cayson shelton was with his family visiting from draper, utah. police say he described up on a dolphin too chew and was holding it with both arms and legs when it fell down on top of him. at first he was bleeding but it didn't seem serious. but he later died at the hospital. take a close look at the google map's street view and you can see the dolphin statue outside the store. there's not clear whether this is the same one that killed kayson on friday but what's clear is it's over the blue line. a violation of a city ordinance that police say has resulted in a warning to the store in the past. >> the san francisco police department officers that were
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working the america's cup had asked this business to move their dolphins back across on other side of the blue line because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic. >> reporter: while the family has been here in san francisco, neighbors back in utah set up a fundraising drive for a charity in kayson's name. one that gives blankets to homeless children. >> he's a blanket lover. he was always found to be seen with one or two or however many blankets but he just had a love for blankets. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> the gallery was cited for having the statue outside the blue line and other bids in the area -- businesses in the area are being warned about the law. a five acre grass fire in the east san jose foothills and this is a shot of the fire last night recorded by one of our cameras downtown. it's that glowing ring just above the center of your screen there. the fire was first reported about 10:30 last night near mount hamilton and three springs road and no homes were threatened. it is very dry out there. >> it is beyond dry.
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right? we're looking at right now is typically what we experience in the month of august and september. and the firefighters have been telling me they have yet to see any kind of a break in the fire season here in the bay area. today, fortunately enough. the temperatures will be coming down but the breeze will be increasing. now when i look at this right here, the bay bridge when you cannot see the top of it. that is a good indication that the ceiling has lowered roughly to about 800 feet. that could pose sop problems at -- some problems at the airport today as far as the possibility of airport delays. in the 50s and 60s out the door today what you can expect. we'll have the fog at the coast and at least a ten degree drop in the temperatures and mild temperatures by midweek. 60s through the mid 90s and talk more about this straight ahead but first how you doing this morning liz? things are doing okay. mainly just the overnight roadwork the last 25 minutes before 5:00. is usually when they're in the final wrapping up clearing stages. this may be wrapped up ahead of schedule but caltrans says
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northbound 880 from oak to washington, they have several lanes blocked scheduled until 5:00 a.m. and same thing on westbound 580. hacienda to san ramone the drive time is april pretty good though -- still pretty good though out of the pass and livermore valley. you can see the low clouds this morning crossing the san mateo bridge and at the bay bridge the roadwork still there westbound 580 to eastbound 80 that connector closed for the next 25 minutes. that's traffic. back to you guys. all right liz, thank you. later today, the san jose city council will once again try to decide what to do with medical marijuana dispensaries. the city is trying to come up with new guidelines on where the facilities are allowed and how they're monitored. it's part of an effort to comply with federal guidelines. the council voted on a plan last week but it ended in a 5-5 draw with council member pete constant absent. a san pablo medical facility may be spared from the wrecking ball.
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last night contra costa health care officials announced the plan to keep part of the emergency department open at doctors medical center. the plan would require a $6 million loan from the county while the hospital figures out a way to generate more revenue. and my this morning, the -- new this morning, the battle is on again between the nba and l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling as cbs news' marlie hall reports, sterling changed his mind again deciding to fight a deal to sell his team. >> reporter: donald sterling is calling a time-out on the deal to sell the los angeles clippers. and he says he plans to move forward with his $1 billion federal lawsuit against the nba. an attorney for sterling has confirmed the embattled clippers' owner pulled his support for the sale of the franchise to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. in a statement released yesterday, sterling said -- the team is not for sale. i love the team and have dedicated 33 years of my life to the organization. i intend to fight to keep the
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team. sterling's comments come less than two weeks after ballmer agreed to buy the clippers from sterling's estranged wife for $2 billion. the nba was prepared to force the sale as punishment for racist comments made in a secretly recorded conversation with a former girlfriend. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're -- associating with black people. >> reporter: sterling says his comments were recorded illegally and his rights were violated. in his lawsuit, he accused the nba of breaching his contract by fining him $2.5 million. the nba has not yet commented on sterling's change of heart. marlie hall, cbs news. >> his attorney says sterling decided not to sign the papers agreeing to the sale after learning the nba will not reverse its decision on that fine and lifetime ban. opening arguments in the case of ed o'bannon versus the ncaa got underway in oakland. the former basketball star is
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leading a group of 20 former college basketball and football players. they're trying to get licensing money they contend the ncaa has made off of their likenesses. they claim ncaa restrictions violate antitrust law. >> when the pie that is brought in is huge, i think it's big enough for everyone. >> o'bannon case could affect other sports as well. in a case yesterday the ncaa announced a $20 million settlement with former players over college themed basketball and football video games. the games are produced by redwood city based electronic arts. and a former dodgers' stadium security guard testified even he felt unsafe the night brian stow was attacked and beaten outside dodgers stadium. jerome heavens said he was told to steer clear of my fights -- any fights because of short staffing there. he says fans were drinking
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heavily and stow is permanently disabled. the wal-mart truck driver accused of causing a crash that left tracy morgan hurt had not slept for 24 hours. they were traveling home from a comedy show when the truck slammed into the bus on the new jersey turnpike early saturday. the impact caused the chain reaction accident involving four more vehicles. >> it was a terrible accident that caused -- the car flipped and it's on its side. >> you just calling it in? >> no i'm just calling it in. >> one member of morgan's entourage died in the accident and two others were critically injured. the driver will be in court tomorrow. on this tuesday morning, and an elevator side to remember. the malfunction that nearly cost a man his life. >> and some spring cleaning decades overdue. the b.a.r.t. station art that's finally coming down.
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an elevator. you can see: well, a man in chile may
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never walk again after a freak accident inside this elevator. you can see he gets in and hits the button and the elevator shoots applicate a -- like a rocket. traveled 30 floors in 15 seconds and then crashed in the top of the elevator shaft there. the man is now in critical condition with head and leg injuries. wow. meanwhile police in las vegas say the couple who shot and killed three people saw law enforcement as being oppressive. andrew spencer reports authorities are looking at social media posts now as they investigate the couple's motives. >> reporter: the couple who police say killed two police officers and a civilian in las vegas were once supporters of nevada rancher clive bundy whose armed militia faced off be government officials over -- with government officials over land rights. video of jared miller has surfaced and in hindsight his rhetoric is especially chilling. >> i feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come in here and try to push us around or anything like that. i don't violence towards them but if they're going to come
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and bring violence to us, well, if that's language them to speak, we'll learn it. >> reporter: even though many of bundy's supporters expressed views that could be considered anti-government, his son says jared and amanda miller were kicked off the ranch because of their radical beliefs. miller expressed many of those on his facebook page. a long rant last week began with we can hope for peace, we must however prepare for war. then a day before the shooting, this post -- >> reporter: police say the couple equated government and law enforcement with nazis. >> in other words they believed that law enforcement is the oppressor and they're associated with -- the nazi movement. >> reporter: a friend and neighbor of the millers says she saw the red flags. now she regrets not having spoken up. >> because i got -- five deaths on my shoulders. i should have called the cops,. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer
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reporting. >> the two suspects took their own lives and authorities say before that they left a swastika and a don't tread on me flag on the body of one of the -- on one of the police officers they killed. we reported last week on the bunny ranch billboard in oakland. now the sign along interstate 580 is gone. it's been replaced by a billboard for the bottle rock napa valley festival from earlier this month. city councilman gallo was adamant about taking it down saying it had in place in oakland. here's that advertisement for the bunny ranch in northern nevada. the billboard promoted the ranch's bar and cigar area but the ranch is better known as a brothel. something else that's been taken down a piece of artwork hanging in b.a.r.t.'s embarcadero station in san francisco since 1973. >> it's been there a long time. the 50-foot howl, 7,000-pound sculpture is called legs. it's barely noticeable because it's covered in grime from brakes and outside pollution. and early next week workers
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will dismantle the massive sculpture to return it to its creator. 84-year-old barbara shockroft who lives in davis. b.a.r.t. budgeted some $300,000 for that project. >> i know it's been in the -- in the works. but maybe people will miss it. >> a lot of money to just get rid of a big sculpture. >> we're getting rid of the heat wave. >> about time. >> okay. >> you felt it yesterday. >> i was in the east bay last night. it was hard the go to sleep. just hot? >> no ac. >> yeah and we had that. and i don't have any kind of a lawn anymore at all. at all. no. say gob to that. good morning everybody rise and -- good-bye to that. good morning everybody. and it's live it's our kpix 5 weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. seeing a little bit of light from the bay bridge but a whole lot of overcast conditions right now. 55 san francisco. 65 degrees in livermore and in comparison yesterday at this time it was 4 degrees warmer.
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foggy commute over the golden gate bridge here's what you need to know on this tuesday morning. we do have fog at the coast and saturating the bay and we will have partial clearing inland at least 10 degrees cooler today and we will be the recipient of a better sea breeze. therefore these triple digit numbers are out of here. we will be seeing more of an on shore push from wednesday through friday but the return of more seasonal conditions. meanwhile, still 104 in fresno. back in through merced and modesto. 104 also in redding and yucaipa and upper 60s with partial afternoon clearing in monterey bay. number-wise, coming down from 106 in livermore yesterday. yeah. 106 degrees. that was a record. to # 6 degrees -- 96 degrees. 83 in san jose and low 80s in santa rosa and mid 80s in napa and sonoma. 70s and 80s will be common around the peninsula. there's the sun up and sun down. meanwhile the extended forecast looks like we will have seasonal conditions by thursday and just gradual warming over the weekend. that's your tuesday weather
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forecast. liz what's up on the roadways? no major hot spots. in traffic. which is good. we still have a lot of the overnight roadwork like i mentioned for the next 15 minutes now. should be still out there including that macarthur maze roadwork. they've been doing the mayor maze roadwork project westbound to eastbound 80. the connector remains closed and you can loop around and make a u-turn in the bay bridge toll plaza parking lot. right now though heading into san francisco in the commute direction everything is obviously looking very quiet. no big delays in either direction right now. across the span even though you may see some of the eastbound roadwork into oakland. also we have garbage truck it sounds like it hit one of those overhead circulation fans in that new caldecott tunnel. right now it's not causing any delays and it's off to the right hand shoulder. just in case there's a lane blocked but i don't think there is and right now we're not seeing any delays on the sensors between oakland and araneida. a live look outside. they still have that roadwork
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out there in lanes northbound 880 from oak to washington. they had several lanes blocked again that's scheduled until 5:00. and if you're commuting in milpitas a live look at 880 and 237 where everything looks great. that's your latest kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guy. department of veterans affairs says tens of thousands of veterans were forced to wait often for months. as craig boswell reports for cbs news, an audit of the medical care facility shows a problem much bigger than first believed. >> do you -- >> reporter: the house committee on veterans' affairs grilled va officials for answers monday night over the health care scandal that seems to keep getting worse. the hearing was held on the same day the va released an audit of its hospitals and clinics and says 57,000 veterans waited more than three months for their first medical appointment. . over the past ten years, 63,000 requested an appointment but never got one. >> i don't think this is the end of it. >> reporter: committee member
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tim humanscamp says there will still too many questions that need answers. >> this has been going on for years after years. and scheming, making up numbers. and misusing a system and so i can't believe -- this is the end of the audit. there's much more to come. >> reporter: the audit calls autothe vs's 14 day -- out the va's 14 day maximum for waiting time. 76% of va clinics reported supervisors ordered schedulers to falsify computer records to hide longer wait times. iraq veteran lauren price had waited six months for a checkup despite a diagnosis of chronic lung disease. >> it's outrageous and egregious that it takes this level of pressure to get them to do this job they are so adequately funded for. >> reporter: the va says 90,000 veterans are now being called for appointments. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> along with those 14 day scheduling goals the va is doing away with its bonuses it
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had paid supervisor who is reported meeting the goals. time now 4:49. the bid to host the america's cup again may have hit the rocks. the latest development that appears to have put san francisco out of the running. >> and world cup soccer going high-tech. how referees will be getting a little bit of help with those controversial calls, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, rise and shine. to your tuesday, june 10th. highs today across the bay area coming down. partial clearing along the coast today. 60s and 70s. west winds up to 15 miles per hour. okay let's move across the santa clara valley where highs are in the upper 70s to low and mid- 80s and gilroy topping off near 90-degree.
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yesterday livermore tied a record at 105 today down to 96 degrees and i think 90s pretty common across the tri-valley. then due north where numbers come down by a good 10 degrees today. 85 in napa and we hit triple digits far reaches of the north to yucaipa. otherwise san francisco today with an average high of 67 degrees. and taking a quick look at mass transit on this tuesday morning, so far everything is good. b.a.r.t. in fact has 29 trains and they are all on time. also a.c.e. train number one is about one minute late. getting into tracy. no big deal. full look at your kcbs traffic drive to work is all coming up. happening today hillary rodham clinton's new book goes on sale. early reviews say this is not much in the book that's new. it deals primarily with the life after she and her husband left the white house. during that time she ran in the 2008 presidential primary and served as secretary of state. in an interview with abc news, clinton found herself in the awkward position of defending her wealth.
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>> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there. and we struggled to you know piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for -- chelsea's education. >> in her book, clinton makes only a brief mention of a possible presidential run in 2016. she writes quote -- i haven't decided yet. san francisco may be out of the running to hold the next america's cup three years from now. the ceo and defending champion oracle team usa says one venue has been eliminated and it's been known for months that san francisco has not offered terms quite as attractive as san diego, bermuda and chicago. san diego may be in an especially strong position with strong political support locally. the world cup is kicking off in brazil. for the first time at the world cup, referees will be assisted by technology designed to eliminate scoring controversies. >> cnet's kara tsuboi explains how the goal lionel technology
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works -- line technology works. >> reporter: one goal can be the difference between winning and losing. and when you get down to it, that goal can be determined by mere inches. >> for instance, a ball is here. not a goal. you know. if any part of the ball is still touching the line it's not. you got to be able to see the green on the other side. >> reporter: and with the linemen so far away it can be really hard to tell if that ball actually crosses the line especially if it's in the air. to eliminate any guesswork for referees for the first time at the would cup, fifa will be using goal lionel technology at the match. here's how it works. 14 cameras are mounted above the field seven at each goal and they track the balls that fly through the air in realtime. if it crosses the goal line the software program transmits a signal to the referee's watch within a second. it claims to be accurate down to five millimeters and it's encrypted to prevent hacking. >> that's the biggest stage and there's just so much on the line that -- you know, just clear up those decisions and
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the flow of the game. but there's so much at stake especially at the highest levels. >> reporter: soccer enthusiasts hope the technology doesn't change the spirit of the game. >> i think the argument is -- is just affecting the purity of the game and the flow of the game. there's so much at stake especially at the highest levels. >> reporter: but accuracy comes at a price. goal control system costs around $400,000 to install in each stadium. in san francisco. i'm kara tsuboi, for cbs news. right now, help is on the way for millions of college students nationwide. the plan that could provide some relief to those struggling to foot the bill. >> i'm mark kelly live in san pablo where three kids found safe following a statewide amber alert but coming up their mother is the prime suspect in a murder case is this we're going to have all the -- case? we're going to have all the details after the break. after people find a dentist through us, they often say,
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cay zonks he's just a 2- year-old you know, a difficult 2-year-old where he's climbing around and just having fun. >> a freak accident in san francisco claims the life of a 2-year-old boy. the boy was climbing on a statue of fisherman's wharf when it fell on him.
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three children are found safe overnight in richmond from san pablo. their mother is now is suspect in the death of their father. without those sports, and the money that they bring in, other sports probably wouldn't exist. >> a lawsuit with potentially big implications for the future of college sports. now underway here in the bay area. former college basketball and football players who are trying to get licensing money they contend the ncaa has made off their likeness. >> embattled los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling says the team is not for sale. sterling will pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against the nba. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> and a base hit up the middle. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. get you out the door a little traffic and weather. roberta kicks it off. a little cooldown i guess is that. >> big time cooldown from yesterday right where livermor


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